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Kiddies Corner Nursery School is an educational facility firmly dedicated to ensuring that our children’s formative education is surrounded by qualified individuals who are committed to the nurturing and development of South Africa’s future; it’s children.

The school is a semi-private facility that is theme based.

Children from 1 years old are taught by qualified staff who are all committed to their development.

Focal points for the youngsters are fine and gross motor skill development while stimulating the cognitive mind to question and explore their environment. Adequate nutrition is essential in children’s physical development.

At Kiddies Corner, we provide 2 cooked meals a day (Halaal) as well as 2 snack times, one of which includes seasonal fruit.

We have our own vegetable patch that the children are active in planting and harvesting and in so doing are excited about eating the fruits of their labour.
We are more than a day-care facility. We are educators as well as care givers and we pride ourselves in our work.

"I believe in creating an environment that fundamentally roots children in a profound belief that they can and will – with determination, love and hard work – make a difference.” Tanya D Rees, Principal and owner of Kiddies Corner Nursery School.


Our outside walls and roof are now painted and the school is looking lovely. We have only the boundary wall to replace and all major repairs will be complete.

2013 enrolments are open until the end of November. There is limited space available as each class has a ratio of 15 children and once that number is reached we close enrolment for that class, so hurry and get your child enrolled before it’s too late...





Physical Address
22 Second Avenue

Postal Address
P.O. Box 649

011 - 814 - 3011

011 - 814 - 6676

082 - 601 - 6434


Tanya Rees






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