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In the year 1882 a farmer Petrus Johannes Marais (nicknamed Oom Lang Piet) who owned the farm Varkensfontein in the Heidelberg district made an agreement with a prospector named Johnstone allowing him to prospect for gold on the farm Varkensfontein.



Nigel is one of Gauteng’s industrial growing points: a country atmosphere of a semi-sized town with a pleasant residential area. Nigel got its fame for being a town with a country atmosphere and characteristics.



A collection of images showing Nigel throughout the years, from the 1900's to date. If you have any photograph of the old Nigel, we will be delighted to publish it.


The Fortunes of Nigel

Post Office 1905

Police Station c.1910

Municipal Offices 1934

Centre of Nigel 1937





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